3 Ways to Change Fonts in Instagram Bio Without App!

If you want to create a cool instagram bio ✅, then you need to try to change the font in your Instagram bio ✨. Not only will it make it cool, but it will also make your Instagram profile unique and look different from others.

Instagram is a platform to share stories in the form of text, videos and images. The more you upload and create quality content, the faster it will get more followers.

Make your bio look cool with unique fonts, also one way to increase Instagram followers. You may also be interested in using aesthetic Instagram bio.

Today we will learn how to change the font in the Instagram bio without installing the application, here are the steps you can do:

How to Change Fonts in Instagram Bio

  1. Open fontsymbols.com/instagram-fonts.
  2. Write the text you want to use as an Instagram bio.
  3. Select the cool font style you want, and then click the copy icon.
  4. Next, Go to Instagram > Profile > Edit Bio.
  5. Finally, Paste the text in your Instagram Bio and click Save to save your changes.

How to Create Italic Text in Instagram Captions

To change the font to italic in the instagram caption:

  1. Visit dardura.com/p/font-online.html.
  2. Write your caption in the “copas font online” column.
  3. Choose the italic font style you like, scroll down to see more choices.
  4. Click the Copy icon to copy italic text.
  5. Then Paste the italic text on your Instagram Caption.

How to Change Fonts in Instagram Name

  1. Open fontsymbols.com/aesthetic-fonts.
  2. Type your Instagram name.
  3. Choose an aesthetic font style for your Instagram name.
  4. Click Copy, then go to Instagram > Edit Profile > Paste in Instagram name.
  5. Last click Save to save your changes.

The fonts in your bio, captions and Instagram name have changed to cool and aesthetic by following the steps above without any additional applications. Share this article if useful!

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